Francesca Miranda
Founder and Creative Director

Francesca Miranda is a Latin American designer based in Barranquilla, Colombia and originally born in El Salvador. Drawing inspiration from authentic craftsmanship and contemporary design, Francesca creates collections with captivating style and inimitable creativity.

The brand's DNA is based on an interpretation of Francesca's Latin American and Caribbean influence, a natural approach to femininity, and an intimate understanding of contemporary art and culture. With more than 20 years of experience, Miranda has consolidated a close and highly skilled relationship with manual work that completes her creativity. The use of materials, their intervention, make these iconic FM pieces impeccable and always different.

Working with a contemporary design vision and driven by family values, Francesca Miranda's work can be framed into four categories: womenswear, bridal, menswear, and homewear.


This is the creative space where all the ideas behind Francesca Miranda come together. Unexpected twists and bold combinations happen here. It is made up of a group of creative and expert women who have grown with the brand throughout its history. An active space where you can breathe art and innovation. The atelier is dedicated to creating iconic pieces from Francesca Miranda's collections, such as those Couture Pieces creations that we see in bridal gowns and haute couture.

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